Argumentative Essay Writing Prompts: 256 Argumentative Essay Topics and Help Links

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Argumentative essay is one of the most common assignments in high school and beyond. Students usually develop an argument and discuss topics that were provided by the lecturers, but there always comes the time when you have to select a title yourself. Choosing a topic doesn’t have to be difficult, you can easily do it with this guide.

How to choose an argumentative essay topic?

Having the freedom to choose a topic is what every student wants. At some point, you just want to write something you really want to discuss. When the time comes many students feel nervous and aren’t sure what topic to go for. Don’t worry; it’s perfectly okay to be nervous.

In order to choose an argumentative essay topic on your own, try to follow these tips:

  • Hot topic – the easiest way to choose an argumentative essay topic is to take a look at news websites and other web portals. There’s always one (or more) hot topic you can discuss
  • Passion – each individual is passionate about something. Take a few moments to think about your passions, write them down, and decide which one you’ll discuss in an argumentative essay
  • Don’t play it safe – a common mistake that many students repeat is playing it safe all the time. Once you sharpen the essay writing skills feel free to dip your toes outside the comfort zone. For example, you can discuss topics that seem controversial, not just those that everyone else writes about
  • Make it specific – choosing an area of interest e.g. abortion is one thing, but your topic shouldn’t be that vague. Abortion is a broad term with plenty of things to discuss. If you don’t make the topic precise, the entire writing process will get frustrating. For example, you can choose to write about the future of abortion among young adults under Trump administration
  • Debatable – the whole point of the argumentative essay is to take a stand and defend your argument. That means the topic should be debatable, not a generally accepted fact
  • Related to the class/lecture – yet another easy way to choose a topic is to write about a subject that is related to your class or lecture. That way you can demonstrate your knowledge of the subject and let your professor (or teacher) know you’re passionate about it

Essay Topic Generator

Good argumentative essay topics

  • Abortion should be illegal because it’s murder
  • Abortion should be legal: women have the right to do with their body what they want
  • Anti-smoking campaigns are ineffective
  • Are law enforcement cameras a violation of public privacy
  • Are online product reviews trustworthy
  • Can hybrid cars save our planet
  • Democrats would have won the US election if Hillary Clinton weren’t their candidate
  • Did Shakespeare plagiarize his most popular works
  • Do men and women need equal pay if males work more days on average than female workers
  • Has diplomatic immunity been abused
  • Is China ahead economy and technology-wise compared to the US
  • Is it time to change Miranda laws
  • Is privacy more important than national security
  • Should electoral process in the US change
  • Should medical treatments be free for all
  • Sibling bullying leads to psychotic disorders

Interesting argumentative essay topics

  • At what age should children be allowed to own a smartphone
  • Helicopter parenting harms the kids
  • Does media invent scandals to frighten the public
  • Should TV shows and movies be more diverse
  • Lack of bias in the media associated with fake news
  • Are teens too exposed to sex-related content on TV
  • What we can learn from video games
  • Do immigrants need more rights
  • Can a woman and a man be just friends
  • Should Dreamers be allowed to stay in the US
  • The wall on border with Mexico won’t fix anything
  • Should the UK return ancient artifacts to Egypt
  • Are drug tests at work violation of privacy
  • Cloning of both humans and animals is unethical
  • Should prostitution be legal

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Argumentative essay topics by level:

Topics for middle school

  • American football is boring with its stop-and-play game style
  • Can video games improve our cognitive skills?
  • Cheating means a student is resourceful
  • Do children really need a healthy diet?
  • Do students need a cash reward for good grades
  • Do violent video games promote violence in reality?
  • Does TV have any educational value
  • Electronic vs. paper books: will the latter be extinct in a few years?
  • Graffiti: art or vandalism?
  • Is cheating during exams wrong?
  • Is having too much money a bad thing?
  • Is there anything we can learn from reality TV shows
  • Should cigarette smoking be banned?
  • When is the right time for children to start making their own decisions?
  • Why media should boycott Kardashians

Topics for high school

  • Are athletes overpaid?
  • Are we too exposed to commercials
  • Atheism: is it still a kind of religion?
  • Both religion and politics try to control people
  • Do students really need homework
  • Does karma exist
  • Does sex education really help teenagers
  • Have we become “technological zombies”
  • Is it necessary to build a career before getting married
  • Is pregnancy at 20 too early
  • Is social media stealing childhoods
  • Should athletes be educated?
  • The role of education in modern world
  • The role of music in development of personality
  • Why lottery is a hazard game

College argumentative essay topics

  • American educational system is deeply flawed
  • Could Donald Trump-approved websites be fake news
  • Divorce has positive sides too
  • Do benefits of marijuana overrule the risks
  • Do schools hand out too many A’s
  • Is death penalty justified
  • News media is too biased
  • People should read more books
  • Representation of women in video games needs to change
  • Schools are giving students too many standardized tests
  • Should academic success be the primary factor to consider in college admission
  • Should parents be held accountable if a minor commits crime
  • Voting is not important
  • When does freedom of speech turn into hate speech
  • When is it justifiable to take military force against other nation

Funny argumentative essay topics

  • Firstborn children are smarter than their younger siblings
  • How to annoy your parents
  • How to know if a politician is telling the truth
  • How to pretend you are working
  • How to tell a “white lie” and get away with it
  • Organic foods are not healthier than regular items
  • Stereotypes are good for us
  • What if that royalty from Nigeria that shows up in email inbox is real
  • What would happen if cats ruled the world
  • Where do all mismatched socks go
  • Why advertising works
  • Why I should have been the only child
  • Why standardized tests are the best
  • Why the clothes really do make the man
  • Why you, actually, love spam email

Easy argumentative essay topics

  • Are we alone in this universe
  • Breastfeeding in restaurants should be banned
  • Can smartphones and tablets act as educational tools
  • Do paranormal activities exist
  • Do women and women have equal rights in 2018
  • Does modern culture destroy our lives
  • Does modern technology provoke psychological disorders
  • How should schools treat those who misbehave
  • Is it easier to be a boy than a girl
  • Is it good for students to have too much homework
  • Is it good to expose your life on social media
  • Is it okay for 16-year-old girls to behave like they are 26
  • Monotheistic religions are almost identical
  • Online bullying leads to depression
  • Rise of social media deepens negative body image crisis

Argumentative essay examples

A great way to improve essay writing skills and get title ideas is to read an example of one such work. To help you out, below you can see a brief sample of how your argumentative essay should look like.


Argumentative essay help

Writing an argumentative essay isn’t that difficult, but it requires more time and thorough organization. As a student you don’t have too much time to focus on one assignment, meaning you have to be resourceful and use different tools to make things easier for yourself. Here’s how you can get argumentative essay help:

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